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Elizabeth Chesla and Tracie Nichols are writers, facilitators, and friends who believe that written, spoken and sung words can transform people and communities. They are the co-founders of Embodied Writing.

Elizabeth Chesla


It’s no exaggeration to say that writing saved me, and saves me still. It’s also no exaggeration to say that yoga saved me, and saves me still. Since I learned many years ago that the body will only be ignored for so long and will eventually force you to pay attention, I have been learning how to inhabit my body lovingly and mindfully so that I can write, teach, parent, and partner with more courage, confidence, clarity, and compassion.

I’ve wanted to be a teacher and writer as long as I can remember and began journaling and writing stories in second grade, when I won second place in a county contest for my stunning debut, “Bucktooth the Bear.” After college, I moved from “the sticks” in suburban Philadelphia to New York City to earn my MA in English and Comparative Literature from Columbia University. I’ve been teaching in some form or another ever since, from freshman composition to science fiction seminars, from creative writing to critical thinking, from women’s writing circles to yoga for writers. Along the way, I’ve published more than a dozen writing, grammar, and study guides, and as a professional editor have helped usher some incredible books into being. I’m now back in the sticks and have multiple writing projects of my own in progress, including a poetry chapbook and hybrid novel as well as a book on yoga for hypermobility. I stay grounded through my own yoga practice and by working with trauma survivors, whose resilience and bravery never ceases to amaze me.

“Liz edited my book Walking the Path of Love: Connecting to the Kripalu Lineage and the Core Teachings of Swami Kripalu with tenderness and commitment. Her insight has been a lantern of clarity, and her tenacity allowed me to take a deeper look at the core teachings and my own life. The journey involved laughing, crying, learning, and lots of hot tea as we navigated the core teachings together again and again. For all of that and more, I am grateful.”  

Charlyn Reihman

Tracie Nichols


is a poet exploring human and wild nature through words, making sense of a world that feels intriguing and sometimes overwhelming. So far, my work has appeared in four anthologies of women’s poetry. I live under rustling trees in southeastern Pennsylvania with my husband, a very determined ginger tabby cat, Strider, and, for an unexpected moment, our adult children.

A facilitator and mentor for women for over a decade, my current focus is helping women of deepening years reclaim their sense of themselves as beautiful, powerful forces of nature. I have an M.A. in Transformative Learning & Change, certifications in aromatherapy and other wellness approaches, and (soon) Transformative Language Arts. The thread running through all I do is helping women navigate change with resilience and a clear sense of emerging possibilities. You can connect with me and my mentoring work at TracieNichols.com. 

“Tracie will see you, hear you, and gently guide you toward your own truth. I was struck by her warmth and kindness. She is deeply wise, skilled and knowledgeable. Having herself succeeded in many disparate endeavors, Tracie can add value to your search whatever your field or stage of life. You will leave each session with actionable steps, resources to pursue, and pearls of wisdom to ponder. You will be glad you met her!”

Dana Barron

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