Embodied Writers

We believe every woman* deserves room to write.

Whether you are experienced or not, call yourself a writer or not, if there are words inside waiting to make it to the page or screen, you deserve room to write.

No matter what kind of writing you do, or wish you had time to do–journaling, essays, stories, memoir, poetry, blogging–you deserve room to write and a nonjudgmental, supportive community of writers.

We believe that writing has the power to heal and transform.

We believe that creating a community of writing practice offers both the structure and freedom to write what we are called to write in the way we are called to write it–whether we are writing for our eyes only or with the intent of sharing, whether we are writing to heal, to hone our craft, or for the pure joy of words and their possibilities.

We believe in the synergy of a circle of women–that we bring out the strength and courage and vulnerability in each other, and this can only improve our writing.

We believe that women writing in community is a doorway: we give each other permission to speak freely, to feel our feelings fully, to open to possibilities.

*adult cis and trans women as well as non-binary people who are comfortable in a space that centers the experience of women

It’s our mission to create a safe, sacred space to write with other women. 

To create a community that offers support and encouragement for making room in our lives to write.

To offer opportunities for embodiment to help us stay present and allow our senses to inform our writing.

And to offer opportunities to write that inspire reflection, creativity, and exploration of the craft of writing.

We started this because we were writers with lives that made it hard to carve out head space, heart space and desk space to write. We missed our craft. We missed the company of women discovering their own writing voices. So, we decided to make room to write. Our well-loved original open-armed, nonjudgmental, donation-based virtual writing group meets weekly, though we are on hiatus in the fall of 2021. Women and non-binary writers of all experience levels are welcome. Contact us if you have questions.

We believe our truest, most engaging writing happens when we are deeply connected with our bodies and senses.

Our workshops incorporate movement and/or meditation, writing with prompts and sometimes without, and the opportunity to share your words and your reflections aloud or quietly in your own mind and heart.

Pay attention.

Be astonished.

Write about it.

Mary Oliver

“The weekly writing sessions were a welcome mid-week respite from my typical busy work week and focus on others. They provided time to turn inward, reflect, and devote time to my writing. During our time together, movement and meditation exercises invited me to connect to my body, my breath, the pen in my hand, and the words on the page. With prompts ranging from existential to absurd, playful to deep, ordinary to outrageous, we were invited to cultivate a writer’s eye for detail and to allow our individual voices to shine. Tracie and Liz created a safe space for writing, sharing, and being authentic, and the community of women participants were always kind and encouraging. Thank you both for giving so generously of your time, skills, and heart. Room to Write has been a balm to my soul during the tumultuous storm of 2020.”

Elizabeth Venart



Judgment-free writing groups by women, for women. Founded by Elizabeth Chesla, MA, CYT and Tracie Nichols, MA, IAC. You can read more about us on our About page.

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